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The Paris Review No. 230

Alice McDermott on the Art of Fiction: "If there’s anything fun about composing a novel—and on many days, I’m not sure there is—it’s in finding the architecture of a story." Michael Hofmann on the Art of Translation: "Isn’t everything untranslatable when you come down to it?"

Fiction by Anuk Arudpragasam, Matthew Baker, Olivia Clare, Leigh Newman, William Styron, and Diane Williams.

诗歌伯恩斯坦,斯蒂芬德·博尔特,斯蒂芬德·博尔特,斯蒂斯·博尔斯基,塔雷斯茨dąbrowski,莎莉道迪夫,卡米尔·邓戈,杰弗里·古斯塔夫森,约翰卡尔德,乔伊斯卡罗·奥茨,唐纳德普拉特,凯文·普鲁弗,玛丽·塞尔(Solmaz Sharif,Mary Szybist),liza watkins,和艾米羊毛。

A tribute to Susannah Hunnewell. A portfolio by Sayuri Ichida, with an essay by Chloe Honum.

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