Robert Frost defines modern poetry in an excerpt from hisArt of Poetry interview; the Italian poet Antonella Anedda discusses her poem "Historiae 2" with her translator Susan Stewart before the American vocal ensemble Tenores de Aterúe re-imagines the poem as a song in the folk tradition of Anedda's native Sardinia; and Yohanca Delgado reads her story "The Little Widow from the Capital," a tale of mystery, heartbreak, and embroidery set in a New York apartment building.

Robert Frost's December 16, 1959, interview with Richard Poirier appears courtesy of the Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard University's Houghton Library. PS3511.R94 Z467 1959x.HOLLIS Permalink: 990023780790203941.

To learn more about Tenores de Aterúe, check out their documentary feature VisitBandcampto hear more of their music.

Photograph of Yohanca Delgado courtesy of Ausra Rekasiute.

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